Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whitey Tighty Tidy Bowl


So I am doing laundry today while Jaxon naps.I like to sort from the giant pile upstairs and then take the dark, light, white, towel loads downstairs separately.(Incidentally, if you buy clothes that don't fit into the afore mentioned piles, you're outta luck in this house. Those are the only cycles I offer). There are still 2 piles of laundry upstairs.
I just sat down to check my email, etc on the computer. Jaxon knows he is in trouble for flopping around in bed instead of napping. He is now up without napping and prepared to do whatever it takes to get on my good side.

He emerges from the bathroom declaring:

"I just washed the toilet, Mommy. Because it was filthy." (Um, yeah, it usually is.....)

I looked at him, not believing him. His hands are wet.

"Did you just put your hands in the toilet water?" (near shrieking)

"Well," he says, "I think I did because I was helping you."

I snatch him and take him into the bathroom, turn on the water, wait 10 minutes for the water to get warm, soap him up and make him scrub. Then I say:

"You don't EVER put your hands in toilet water! That is nasty! Do you want to be nasty?"


Then I give him a little tiny get-out-of-my-sight nudge out the bathroom door. I dry my hands. HE does not get the privilege of drying his hands. I am just too disgusted that at nearly four, he doesn't know to keep his hands out of the freaking toilet water. I leave the bathroom just in time to catch him drying his own hands.

On dirty little boy underpants from the white pile.

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Heather said...

Well again a classic! I wish I could say that Bailey never does anything like that but you know differently.